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The golf course is a golf club's most important asset and the quality of the design and playing surfaces are major factors in attracting members and visitors. There is no doubt that embarking on a programme to upgrade a course design invariably sparks enthusiasm amongst the membership and is a springboard to encouraging more interest in the club.

Upgrading to a more memorable design can be relatively simple to achieve over perhaps 2 or 3 years. The monetary investment need not be large. The re-location of bunkers, new planting or new tees can be carried out in-house at relatively low cost. Where more investment is required, for example to re-model a green like the new 7th at Lanark below, the amount involved is relatively insignificant when you consider the longer-term benefits of an exciting design and the prospect of year-round playing surface.

New 7th green at Lanark Golf ClubNew 7th green at Lanark Golf Club

If you are considering upgrading your course please read my philosophy on design and improvements. If you are keen to learn more, I recommend that we have an initial discussion to firstly answer your questions and provide some guidance as to how you could proceed.